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EDTA Fe-13

Molecular Formula: EDTA-FeNa.3H2O(C10H12FeN2NaO8)

Molecular Weight: 421.1

Light yellow crystalline powder, stable water-soluble metal chelate with oxidizability. Ferric existed in a chelated state.





Light yellow crystalline powder

Chelated Ferric, %

13.0 min

EDTA, %                               66.0 min

PH of a 1% aqueous solution


Insoluble matter, %

0.1 max

Uses :
As a kind of micronutrient fertilizer in Agriculture. As additive in the food industry. As catalyst in the chemical industry. As bleaching agent in the photographic industry.

Package: in 25 kgs net export worthy bag. (Pallets: 36 bags each)

Storage: Store in original packing in a dry place, keep away from alkali and oxidant, Opened bags must be sealed properly.

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